Advanced Analytics

Infuse Artificial Intelligence and machine learning throughout operations to generate insights and recommendations for increased resilience, innovation, and sales

Get data-driven insights that improve ROI across customer service, marketing, sales and logistics

  • Pilot new ideas
  • Improve efficiency
  • Process large amounts of data quickly
  • Identify and respond to risk factors
  • Save time and money

Discover actionable insights from your data

  • Data Processing
  • Data Warehousing
  • Data Lakes

Train everyone on the benefits and use of AI

Artificial Intelligence Training

With AI everywhere, even non-AI staff need training on how to implement and see the possibilities across all functional areas of your organization. AI training for technical and non-technical staff will increase innovation and enable you to pilot new ideas, improve efficiency, and modernize, integrate and improve operations at scale.

State-of-the-art security and seamless integration through partnerships with top global technology companies

Data Lake

Leverage data in any format or source to gain insights and support critical business decisions.

AWS: AWS Lake Formation, S3, Amazon Athena, Amazon Redshift, Amazon EMR.

Google Cloud Platform: Google Cloud Storage, BigQuery, Dataproc, AI Platform.

Microsoft Azure: HDInsight, Data Lake Analytics, Azure Data Lake Storage, Azure Databricks, Azure Data Factory, Azure Synapse Analytics.

Data Processing

When time is of the essence and people are waiting, you need to process huge amounts of data quickly. High speed, flexible and scalable architecture minimizes risk, solves problems and increases opportunities.

AWS: Amazon Kinesis and Amazon EMR

Google Cloud Platform: DataFlow and DataProc

Microsoft Azure: Databricks, HD Insights

IBM Cloud: IBM Cognos Analytics

Data Warehousing

Keep your historical and real time data in one place to be queried and analyzed, and deliver interactions and results at high speed.

AWS: Amazon RedShift

Google Cloud Platform: BigQuery

Microsoft Azure: Synapse Analytics

IBM Cloud: IBM Db2 Big SQL

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