Gustavo Parés Appointed President of Global Information Technology Management Association

CEO of Mexico based AI leader NDS Cognitive Labs will lead GITMA’s mission to connect technology leaders and foster the exchange of ideas

San Francisco, Oct. 14, 2021 -- The Global Information Technology Management Association (GITMA) today announced the appointment of Gustavo Parés to the role of President, effective October 1st, 2021. As a member of GITMA for more than 15 years, Parés will lead the organization in its mission to connect technology leaders and IT professionals globally in the exchange of ideas and pursuit of collaborative innovation in key areas like Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing and other transformative technologies. Gustavo has held different roles inside the association, such as Local Chair of The GITMA Annual Conference in 2020 and 2018, as well as numerous conference speaking roles since 2007.

“We are thrilled to elevate Gustavo to this position. His continued leadership in GITMA is critical to our mission of fostering technology innovation through research, events, and continued dialogue and collaboration among our members,” said GITMA founder Dr. Prashant Palvia, Joe Rosenthal Excellence Professor in the Bryan School of Business & Economics at the University of North Carolina Greensboro, USA.

The Global Information Technology Management Association (GITMA) is a technology industry organization that offers unique opportunities for researchers and IT professionals from around the world to network and exchange ideas. Since its inception 21 years ago, GITMA has held 21 conferences in America, Europe and Asia on a range of topics relevant to the rapidly evolving global technology industry, such as AI, Cloud Computing, Data Analytics, Blockchain, Digital Transformation, and other categories. More than 63 Universities in 15 countries across 3 continents are represented each year in the annual conference.

“To advance GITMA’s mission, I look forward to partnering with other global tech leaders in the organization to focus on addressing three key global trends - the massive technical talent shortage, accelerated digital transformation and technology adoption, and the pressing need to develop and guide global standards.” said Gustavo Parés, CEO of NDS Cognitive Labs, the Mexico and U.S. leader in conversational AI, Cloud, and Digital Transformation solutions. “In a time of accelerated change across nearly every technology vertical, GITMA enables the research, collaboration and dialogue among key industry researchers and leaders that supports both established and emerging technologies that address the world’s most pressing challenges.”

In his role, Gustavo will be responsible for promoting the global spirit of the association and ensuring that new technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, Machine Learning and Blockchain promote social, economic and educational well being.

GITMA’s next conference will be held virtually in summer 2022 and will focus on topics such as Digital Transformation and enabling technologies such as AI and Machine Learning, as well as their impact in different industries in the new realities of the post-COVID world. To learn more about the organization and how to participate, please visit


The Global Information Technology Management Association (GITMA) is a technology industry organization founded on the principles of growth through collaboration and the exchange of ideas. For more than 20 years, GITMA has held annual conferences around the world on a range of topics relevant to the rapidly evolving global technology industry to provide unique opportunities to IT educators, researchers and practitioners to learn from one another. Its members include representatives from more than 60 academic institutions and numerous global industry leading organizations. If you’d like to learn more about the organization and how you can participate, please visit

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