Building profitable relationships across industries, now can be easier, personalize B2B and B2C interactions at scale to solve problems and create opportunities.

Banking and FinTech

Leading banks use NDS Cognitive Labs for Conversational AI solutions that build relationships and reduce costs

Though banks dedicate considerable resources to customer service, many still struggle to answer inquiries quickly and effectively resulting in low customer satisfaction and high employee turnover.


Improve operations using chatbots as a business-to-business supply chain communications tool

Today organizations can digitally monitor the status and performance of individual machines in real time, while AI-powered chatbots help with inquiries, sales and service.


Retailers embrace AI technologies to chat and sell

Customers can now choose to buy from big companies or small – even from an individual person selling online. Adapt to this trend now, or risk losing sales and market share.

Marketing and Advertising

Deliver omnichannel communications consistently to increase conversions

Offering consistent, timely, and conversational interactions across owned, earned, paid, and social media makes the difference between laggards and leaders for today’s tech savvy consumer. Thanks to AI chatbots, advertisers can deliver customized suggestions, promotions and content, and gauge a customer’s purchase intent and sentiment based on their internet and social media browsing habits. Research proves that when ads are targeted to intent through ads placed on pages with relevant content, sales soar.

Travel and Tourism

These planes, rooms, and restaurants practically book themselves with Conversational AI

The reliance of travelers on websites and messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are a gift to the travel industry. They provide the opportunity to reinvent the travel experience before, during, and after a visit in whatever channel the customer prefers. Chatbots are the new “concierge” for hotel and flight reservations, can track and report the movement of public transportation, and serve as cultural promoters stimulating visits to local attractions, restaurants, and shopping, making them more informative and fun.


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