NDS Cognitive Labs & Minsait

NDS Cognitive Labs works with Minsait to implement AI, data, and, low code technologies, focusing on nearshoring from Mexico to the United States for clients and projects.

Global Technology Leaders NDS Cognitive Labs and Minsait announce partnership

NDS Cognitive Labs works with Minsait, an Indra company to implement artificial intelligence, data, and low code technologies, focusing on nearshoring from Mexico to the United States for clients and projects.

We both combine business consulting, advanced technologies and cybersecurity to address end-to-end innovation and reinvention, covering from strategy to execution.

Our services include:

Digital Transformation Solutions

  • Digital Business Technologies
  • Digital Operations
  • Digital Channels (Conversational AI)
  • Intelligence & Data (Advanced Analytics)
  • Architecture (Cloud Solutions)
  • Cybersecurity

Technical Talent Solutions

  • Project-based Development
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Managed Teams


Technologies supported by NDS Cognitive Labs:


Digital Operations

  • Low code development
  • RPA automation
    • BluePrism / Automation Anywhere / UI Path
  • Smart Vision
  • Intelligent automation
    • (RPA + BPM + Content + OCR)
  • Intelligent document processing
  • Content management
  • Secure file transfer

Digital Channels (Conversational AI)

  • Channels and mobility Portals, Front, Apps, Chatbots (Cognitive)
  • Digital experience
  • Digital identity
  • eCommerce
  • SalesForce and MS Dynamics
  • SalesCloud, ServiceCloud (core)
  • Marketing Cloud
  • Field services

Intelligence & Data (Advanced Analytics)

  • AI and ML Models / applications
  • Big Data (put in and data certification)
    • (Cloudera, Datio, Google, Azure, AWS, MongoDB)
  • Data explode and visualization
    • Business Intelligence (Cognos, Power BI, Tableau, Microstrategy, Google)
  • Advanced analytics
  • Data governance

Architecture (Cloud Solutions)

  • NextGen architecture
    • APIs y Microservices
  • Cloud:
    • Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure, AWS Cloud
    • Cloud migration
    • Cloud architecture / infrastructure
    • Technology consultants
  • IT Consulting
  • Development


  • Red team services
  • Blue team services and cyber response
  • Deceptive services
  • Flexible cybersecurity architectures
  • IT / OY risk management
  • Advanced digital identity services

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